GSUSA Announces the New Outdoor Badges!

Excerpt from GSUSA Email News:

Girl Scouts cast more than 80,000 votes throughout the "Girls' Choice" process—which marked the first time ever that girls across our Movement were invited to vote directly on a Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE) badge series. After choosing "Outdoor Explorer" from a range of outdoor themes, they voted on the type of activities to be linked with each badge, followed by the physical designs.

The winning badges are:

Brownie - Outdoor Adventurer. Girls have a choice of outdoor activities, including wading in a creek, bike riding, and developing a camping skill.

Junior - Horseback Riding

Cadette - Archery

Senior - Paddling. Girls can canoe, kayak, or paddle board.

Ambassador - Ultimate Recreation Challenge. Girls have a choice of five outdoor challenges, including rock climbing, ziplining, and waterskiing.

Here's a link to the announcement: Blog post

That's all the information I can find right now! If you have any info to pass along, please contact me.

Freebies: 2015 Tags and a Trefoil Line!

I love my iamstrawjenberry (formerly iamgirlscouts) peeps!  I'm working on all of your suggestions for resources, so keep them coming.  First, I updated the gift tag for 2015.  To make it fancy, simply mount it on a couple of layers of scrapbook paper and punch a hole in the top.  Voila!  You can add it to bridging gifts, cookie incentives or end of the year treats. To see how I used them in 2014, go here. The tags are updated yearly!

Download the tags for the current year here.

Another suggestion, from another awesome reader, was to create a horizontal line or divider that can be used on the web and in printable materials.  You an download the line here, or simply right click the graphic above and save to your computer.

I hope these items help you create lovely and cute tools for your troops!
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