Looking for Camps you Attended as a Girl Scout?

Here is by far the latest and greatest of websites I've found for Girl Scout nostalgia.  We are so lucky to have the internet.  We have access to a vast array of OPP (Other People's Photos) from before many of us were even born.  Since I have very few photographs from my year's in Girl Scouts (two, to be exact) I often reference online sites to "tickle" my memory. 

The website proved to be a huge Gold Mine:  Vintage Girl Scouts, www.vintagegirlscout.com. My favorite section of the site is their Girl Scout camp resource. The camp pages, www.vintagegirlscouts.com/camp.html, organized by state, have vintage photos, news clippings and statistics on Girl Scout camps all over the United States. Even those that are closed or gone. So take a walk down memory lane!

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