As Promised! Finally a Brownie Badge Tracker!

I've finally created a Brownie Tracker....and it's free! As a bonus, I've created three versions of the top graphic.  So you can choose which one you like best and replace it in the document.  Simply "right click" the image and save to your computer.  In the tracker document, double-click the top graphic on the first page and replace it with the one you saved.  It's that easy!

It's my hope to get the following projects up in the next two weeks, just in time for Back to Troop:

  • Leader Binder Packet
  • Kaper Sheets
  • Cadette Badge Tracker
All of the above are now available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Download the tracker in [pdf] here or in [doc] here.  I hope all of you Brownie Leaders find this tracker useful!


  1. Thank you!!!!! This is wonderful. All of your work is so much fun!!

  2. Bless you for creating and sharing this spectacular tool!

  3. I love it! Our troop is brand new and getting started very late so I appreciate you sharing your work and making my life much more simple and yet its so dang cute!! Thank you!!

  4. You rock!! Thank you so much for sharing this!!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. This is great! Thank you so much! Looking forward to using it with my troop. Any chance you will have the new art in the outdoors tracker soon? Thanks again!


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