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iamgirlscouts troop resources are available for purchase on Etsy.  Freebies are available below.


Badge Trackers - ALL NEW! Available in all troop levels in PDF format.

Tracker Downloads 

All new trackers include pins, badges, journeys, special awards, etc.

{ Daisy Badge Tracker [pdf] } - updated 9/10/18
{ Brownie Badge Tracker [pdf] } - updated 9/10/18
{ Junior Badge Tracker [pdf] } - updated 9/10/18
{ Cadette Badge Tracker [pdf] } - updated 9/10/18
{ Senior Badge Tracker [pdf] } - updated 9/10/18
{ Ambassador Badge Tracker [pdf] } - updated 9/10/18
{ All Badge Trackers Daisy to Ambassadors [pdf] }@

 Trefoil Law Graphic

Download { jpg | png (transparent background) | pdf }

Girl Scout Printables

Parent Handbook

Troop Calendar

Download your free age level graphic {click on graphic below to download} or get one personalized from the iamgirlscout's Etsy store.

Badge Trackers - Traditional

Available in all troop levels in PDF format.
Available in all troop levels in both Word and PDF versions.  The Word doc can be personalized and the pdf cannot.

Tracker Downloads 

All trackers have been updated with new Outdoor and Arts in the Outdoors badges.

{ Daisy Badge Tracker [pdf] or [Word] }
{ Brownie Badge Tracker [pdf] or [Word] }
{ Junior Badge Tracker [pdf] or [Word] }
{ Cadette Badge Tracker [pdf] or [Word] } 
{ Senior Badge Tracker [pdf] or [Word] }
{ Ambassador Badge Tracker [pdf] or [Word] }

Promise and Law Printable

{ Promise and Law Printable }

{ A Customized Version of the Promise and Law Printable is available in my etsy store }

Troop Snack Calendar

{ Troop snack calendar [doc] type-in or [pdf] write-in }
{ Troop snack calendar alternate style with name and date [doc] type-in or [pdf] write-in }

aMUSE Journey in a Day Guide

Don't feel like you need to create the journey activities from scratch!  So many resources are out there to help you lead the journey.  You can do it!  Take on this role :)

GSUSA Pinterest site:

Color emotion guide:

GSUSA Badge and Pin Trackers

Daisy Badge Log
Brownie Badge Log
Junior Badge Log
Cadette Badge Log
Senior Badge Log
Ambassador Badge Log

Daisy Flower Garden Circle Stickers Printable

Found this on Pinterest with a broken link. I host the pdf on my page so that it lives on!

Daisy Flower Garden Circle Stickers Printable

Online Badge Explorer

GSUSA also has an online badge explorer that's super useful.  It can be found here:

Activity Tracker

2018 Gift Tags

{ 2018 Gift Tags - traditional design colors }

{ 2018 Gift Tags - iamgirlscouts color version}

Trefoil Line

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  1. I just love, love, love all your stuff! For the Senior badge tracker, the word version leads to the Cadette tracker - any chance you could fix it to the word version of the Senior Tracker? Thanks so much for all your beautiful work!

  2. Love it! I have a jr troop this year and look forward to using some of your creations.

  3. Is there anyway you could make the calendar into a PDF?

  4. Thank you so much!!! YOU ROCK!!!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful ideas!

  6. I am a new Daisy Leader and quite honestly a bit overwhelmed trying to get my set Troop set up. I found you on Pinterest and your blog and cried tears of joy! Thank you so much for all of your resources. They are so helpful and I love your fun designs. THANK YOU!!!

  7. First off, thank you, ever so much, for posting these. It will make a HUGE difference for me this year in being able to track exactly which steps each girl has completed for each badge. What a life saver you are! Second, I see that you've made some updates to the Brownie tracker and added Outdoor Adventurer. Wondering if you will also be adding the Outdoor Art Creator. Thanks again for keeping me extra organized!

  8. This site has made my day!!! It's so awesome. I have a K - 12th grade troop of 104 girls and this will be the biggest blessing to my Leaders. Thank you so very much and I look forward to more. THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! GIRL SCOUTS ROCK!!

  9. WOW! I am blown away! I am a new Daisy troop leader and you are such a wonderful resource and blessing. THANK YOU!

  10. Do you have a camp packing checklist template?

  11. Your stuff is SO cute and helpful!! Thank you SO much for offering these printables and templates. SO helpful as I'm just starting out in my journey with leading both a Daisy and Brownie troop. THANK YOU!!

  12. This is seriously the best resource website for leaders! Thank you so much.

  13. I love your stuff so functional and yet it looks great . Do you by chance have a attendance tracker ? Thank you for making this all available to us.

  14. Do you have an attendance sheet for Daisies? Thanks

  15. Thank you so much for providing all these resources for GS!

  16. I'm a new troop leader and have been scouring the internet for resources. Thank you SO much for your freebies and ETSY creations!

  17. I love your Brownie badge trackers! Do you have the journey badge trackers, by chance? Pinterest led me here, but I can't find it anywhere on your site.

  18. Love your page! Thank you for sharing your ideas!

  19. thank you so much for all the printables! first time brownie troop leader here and feeling so overwhelmed!!

  20. Thank you so much for the free printables! The badge trackers are just what I was looking for! you rock!

  21. I am a new Daisy leader for a new troop and I am so glad I found your sight!! So many great things and I am going to have to figure out what I want to get from your ESTY shop!! For now I am going to use the badge tracker cause my troop needs it :)

  22. Thank you so much for all of the great materials you have shared. It's much appreciated!

  23. I love your new badge tracker its so easy and love that all the badges are on one page thank you thank you for sharing it with us

  24. You are amazing!! Thank you so much for taking your time and making this site!!! New leader is ready to rock it!!!

  25. Amazing page! We are starting our troop today, definitely will have this page at hand for the rest of the meetings, thanks

  26. Thank you for sharing these! Love the new badge trackers. Question though, on the Junior badge tracker, the bronze award isn't on there, is there a reason it's not? Thanks!

    1. Hi, Julie, the Junior badge tracker has been updated and now includes the Bronze award. Thank you for bringing the omission to my attention.

  27. This fall I will be a new Daisy leader and this site has given me so much information! Thank you so much!!

  28. Thanks so much for making my leader life easier!


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