About Me

I'm a fifth year Girl Scout Leader in California. I started my troop in 2009 as Kindergarten Daisies. Now my girls are 5th grade Juniors. I also serve as my service unit representative and was elected to be a National Council Delegate in 2014.  I attended the Girl Scout National Convention in October 2014 in Utah. 

Over a year ago, as I began to gather resources and prepare for Juniors, I realized how much information is scattered all over the web: council sites, Pinterest, blogs, leader books and trainings, etc. It can be frustrating! I love creating organizing methods to manage my troop that are colorful, {cute!}, timely and useful. I also discovered how little basic information is out there to navigate through the tougher elements of being a leader, especially a new leader. Hopefully this blog will help all leaders, new and old! Leaders who live, love Girl Scouts!

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