Off and Running!

Update:  As of 11/11/15 my resources are available on Etsy or by direct download.  Freebies are now a direct download and for sale resources are up on Etsy in my store here.  For a complete list of resources, please click here.

Between working at an agricultural education center, running my own troop and family of five, I've finally managed to get a few resources up on Teachers Pay Teachers.  If you haven't stumbled upon this wonderful site yet, get over there now!  Teachers Pay Teachers is like the Etsy of the education world.  In addition to lots of freebies (fonts, lesson plans, etc.) there are also resources that will work for Girl Scouts.

My troop calendar has been floating around on Pinterest for the last year, but it was my troops and it was in PDF form.  Now I've converted the template to an easy to use Word file, customizable for your troop and level.  Download here. Did I mention it's a free download?  I also have the calendar available in Excel if you prefer the predictability of spreadsheets to Word tables.

Find them in my Etsy store here. If you prefer your troop number and year to be personalized, it's available for a small personalization fee {please note: the fee is for personalization not the graphic}. 

I have lots of other resources up my sleeve for the future, but if you have a resource that you'd like to see, drop me a comment!

Download your free age level graphic {click on graphic below to download} or get one personalized from my Etsy store.


  1. I downloaded the editable word doc of your calendar, but it had the junior graphic on it and the one I wanted was the graphic on the pdf that is on scribed (the brownie one.) any way you could email it or up load it so it could be downloaded? The graphics are too cute and all I want to do is change the year and paste my own schedule into it... thanks so much

  2. You can delete the current graphic that is on it and add any graphic you want from the above list.


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