Freebies: 2015 Tags and a Trefoil Line!

I love my iamgirlscouts peeps!  I'm working on all of your suggestions for resources, so keep them coming.  First, I updated the gift tag for 2015.  To make it fancy, simply mount it on a couple of layers of scrapbook paper and punch a hole in the top.  Voila!  You can add it to bridging gifts, cookie incentives or end of the year treats. To see how I used them in 2014, go here. Download the tags here.

Another suggestion, from another awesome reader, was to create a horizontal line or divider that can be used on the web and in printable materials.  You an download the line here, or simply right click the graphic above and save to your computer.

I hope these items help you create lovely and cute tools for your troops!

It's Here! The aMUSE in a Day Journey Guide

I created this guide after completing the aMUSE Journey in a Day with my 4th grade juniors.  It is designed to assist your efforts to complete this journey in a day, weekend or sleepover. You will want to personalize it based on what products and resources you have on hand or that you can find in your area, as well as what your girls core interests are, logistics, etc.

I started out with completely different ideas. Once I went shopping and did the foot work, some ideas changed.  With others I used the original idea but executed it differently. There were also times when I changed the order of tasks, especially when the girls needed a break. If you get stuck or have any questions, feel free to reach out to me and I will do my best to help you. Good luck!  You can download the ebook here.

aMUSE in a Day Outline & Photo Album

The iamgirlscouts "Comprehensive Guide to Completing the aMUSE Journey in a Day" has been completed.  Whoop! This post is the accompanying photo album. My photography skills are not so great (next on my list of skill building tasks!) are mediocre at best.  For that reason I didn't want to include photos in the e-book.  Hopefully they will give you a visual of the day and help you come up with ideas.

Journey Outline

A. Reach Out
  1.   A Flurry of Roles
  2.   Team Prop Box
  3.   Take the Stage
  4.   Role Models
  5.   Logs and Leaders
  6.   Breaking the Mold
  7.   Role Play Switcharoo
  8.   Planning the Team "Callbacks"
  9.   Ads Assume

B. Speak Out
  1.   First, the Stereotype
  2.   Next, the Storyline
  3.   Our Muse, Your Project
  4.   aMUSE-ing Snack & Motion
  5.   What's My Role?
  6.   Sharing Our Accessories
C. Try Out
  1.   Mirror, Mirror
  2.   The "Callback"
  3.   Showtime!
  4.   Awards Presentation & Closing

Photo Gallery

A. Reach Out

i.  A Flurry of Roles 

ii.  Team Prop Box 

iii.  Take the Stage  

iv.  Role Models

v.  Logs & Leaders

vi.  Breaking the Mold


vii.  Role-Play Switcheroo 

viii.  Planning the Team "Callback" 

ix.  Ads Assume... 

B.  Speak Out

i.  First, the Stereotype

ii. Next, the Storyline

iii.  Your Art, Your Part

iv.  aMUSE-ing Snack & Motion

v.  The Role of a Lifetime

vi.  Sharing our Accessorie

C.  Try Out

i.  Mirror, Mirror

ii.  The "Callback"


iii.  Showtime!

iv.  Awards Presentation & Closing


Don't feel like you need to create the journey activities from scratch!  So many resources are out there to help you lead the journey.  You can do it!  Take on this role :)

GSUSA Pinterest site:

Color emotion guide:

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