NEW Badges Mean New Trackers!

Hi! Just wanted to drop by and let you all know I'm working on updating the badge trackers with all the new badges and journeys. You should have them in your hot little hands by the end of August. I will put up a blog post, post on Facebook and send out a newsletter so you'll know when they are ready. Happy Back to Troop!

Happy Summer! New Daisy, Junior And Cadette Resources!

Summer is such a different creature than it was when I was a kid in the 70's. Growing up in Southern California, we were out of school the third week of June and didn't go back until after Labor Day weekend. We spent barefoot days riding our bikes, playing outside, eating drippy popsicles and picking plums from the trees in our backyards. I remember a lot of stubbed toes! We generally drank TONS of Kool-Aid, ate Zingers, Laffy Taffy and Abba-Zabbas. We played in the sprinklers, watched late-night movies with our parents and generally never wore sunscreen unless we were at the river. These days kids get out anywhere from middle of May to beginning of June. Some of my friend's kids go back the first week of August or even the last week of July. A three month summer is a thing of the past. It's almost unheard of for kids to go back to school after Labor Day. This SHOULD BE A THING AGAIN!


Understanding that schools all over the U.S. start back early, I've adjusted my Back to Troop schedule to reflect this. I am fortunate to have all of your great minds requesting custom work and coming up with great ideas. It keeps me inspired. Thank you! And however long your summer is, enjoy the BBQs, long days and freedom for as long as they last <3

Daisy Badge Completion Certificates

These certs have been up on Etsy for awhile but not officially announced to your inboxes. I have to be super careful because unsubcribes kill me! So I saved it. The certs are an accompaniment to the Daisy Petal and Leaf completion certificates. You can print a set out for each girl and give them a certificate for every badge they earn or journey they complete! 

Includes sixteen (16) certificates: 
  • (6) Six Skill-Building Badges 
  • (3) Three Progressive Badges 
  • (3) Older Journeys 
  • (4) New Journeys

Junior Badge and Journey Certificates


39 certificates total including: 
  • (29) Twenty-nine Skill-Building Badges; 
  • (3) Three Progressive Badges; 
  • (3) Three older Journeys: It's Your Planet--Love It!, It's Your Story--Tell It! and It's Your World--Change It!; 
  • (4) Four all NEW Journeys: Engineering, Computer Science, Outdoor and Outdoor STEM; 
Once printed you can customize the certificates with each girl's name, date and troop leader. Each certificate features the Junior spider.

Cadette Badge, LIA and Journey Certificates

There are 38 certificates total including: 
  • (31) Twenty-nine Skill-Building Badges; 
  • (3) Three older Journeys: It's Your Planet--Love It!, It's Your Story--Tell It! and It's Your World--Change It!; 
  • (1) One Outdoor journey; 
  • (3) LIA "Leaders in Action" badges 

Once printed you can customize the certificates with each girl's name, date and troop leader. Each certificate features a hiking Cadette, mountains and a compass. 

Find more freebies on the {resources page

GOT PICS?? Do you have photos of iamgirlscouts products in action? If so pI would love to see them. I will feature them on a future blog post. {Email


End of the Year: Bridging and Ceremonies

Can you feel it? Summer is in the air. The school year is winding down and it won't be long before our days and nights will include BBQs, swimming and sunshine. But before that, we have end of the year celebrations--graduations, bridging and awards ceremonies. I am super happy to be kept busy with custom orders. You all have the greatest ideas and I'm lucky enough to help you execute your vision. It keeps me inspired.

A New Freebie!

Back when I was a leader scouring the internet for resources, there were certain items that came up when you searched "Girl Scouts." Nine years later, these resources still pop up on Google. Some of them are OLD. Some so old, they look like they were photocopied from a ditto made in the early 80s (remember dittos?!). While there is nothing wrong with that, I always love the idea of making things new and pretty. So please accept this freebie, on behalf of my itchy design finger getting bored.

Download the trefoil here as a pdf or jpg.

Time Capsules

If you are between bridging years, or your girls are at an age where they are looking for an end of the year activity to spice things up, why not try a time capsule? One leader had this very idea. She got small cardboard mailing tubes and had each of the girls decorate the outside. Then they filled out a questionnaire. Into the tube it goes and voila! a time capsule. Three to five years down the line, the girls will open their tubes and read about their aspirations and interests from half a decade ago.

Ideas for the container:

My 6th grade teacher had us do a similar exercise. We wrote a letter to ourselves and included drawings of our dreams, hopes and aspirations, as well as likes and hobbies. Around the time I graduated high school, mine showed up in the mail. I still have it and cherish it. I later found that teacher on Facebook and let her know how much that meant to me. We talk often and she's is such an amazing woman, I was so fortunate to have her as a teacher. Here is a sneak peak at the iamstrawjenberry time capsule kit:

Laminate and use as the outer tag for the capsule.

Check out the time capsule kit in the iamstrawjenberry etsy store.

Daisy Year Completion Certificates

Another custom order has led to a new product in the store.  These are Daisy year completion certificates. The awesome thing about these certs is you can *customize* the design to include which petals and leaves the girls have earned! Here are some samples:

The certs are available for order in the etsy store.

Camp Shirt Design

I've made a new t-shirt design for 2018. Complete with free customizing of troop number and city or council name. You can choose single color or 3-color for screen printing. Custom designs are available too. Simply email me your ideas and I will make a one-of-a-kind design for your camp.

Check out the listing here.

Looking back on the troop year

A glorious troop leader reached out to me asking for a bridging questionnaire for the girls to fill out in preparation of their bridging story. This led to the following design:

This is an instant download that can be printed endlessly, each year of bridging. You can have the girls fill it out to use as talking points for the bridging ceremonies, or to put into a troop time capsule component. You can even frame it and give it out as a bridging gift. Go to the listing on etsy.

Last but not least, I am in the process of developing Daisy badge completion certificates. These will be supplemental to the Daisy petal and leaf certs. Stay tuned!


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